I was born one of seven children in Martinez raised in Richmond California just north of San Francisco. Growing up I always knew that singing would be a part of my life, Gospels and Spirituals helped to pave that road. I'm a self taught guitar player along with several different rhythmic instruments. As a teenager I would sing along whenever R&B or soul music was playing. Eventually I began to take singing more serious and started taking professional lessons, mainly from opera singers, because there technic made more sense to me. In the 70s I was stationed in Germany as a member of the US Army, after completing my overseas duty I devoted most of my time studying to successfully become a Music Therapist, but my passion for music never left always present demanding my undivided attention. With my individual style of guitar playing I began composing and writing my own music. Continuously I have refined my talent with professional singing lessons and of course simply performing wherever I could. I once shared the stage with Tower of power for a brief moment and played two roles in I have a dream (The Martin Luther King Story) with  Ron Williams, Felicia Wethers and many others. In Stuttgart I had the honour of playing with Arno Hass, Gerhard Bandel, Rainer Scheithauer , Stephan Schuchardt and Alvin Mills....

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