docjones into Jazz! is simply me attempting to add another footprint into the world of Jazz. Jazz has been for many years now my secret lover so to speak. Everytime I write a song Jazz is on my mind and I'm getting closer everyday. Please feel more than welcome as to join me on this exciting journey. 


Who am I  V. Lewis

Once there was love V. Lewis

How wonderful life is V. Lewis

How does it feel V. Lewis

Sometimes I forget V. Lewis

Hey Laura G. Poter

On my way to Harlem G. Porter

Masquerade G. Benson

and many, many more


Gigs for 2019


Night Club Bayerischer Hof       August 2019 Termin noch nicht fix

Blaue Haus Böblingen               00.10.2019   Termin noch nicht nicht fix

Traube Karsruhe                        16.11.2019

Unterfahrt München                   ????  

Bix Stuttgart                               ????            



Vincent Lewis Music

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