The Vincent Lewis Band

Soul, Funk, Rock & some elements of Jazz from the West Coast


The Vincent Lewis band has redefined itself with a few minor adjustments and some new songs. Soul, funk and some elements of jazz from the West Coast. The Vincent Lewis band is a band consisting of european and american musicians full of passion, virtuoso and a style of it's own. We present a unmistakable sound that gets under your skin, but also straight to the heart. We cover well-known and also songs that are not so well-known combined with some of our own compositions.


Vincent Lewis, Vocals & Percussion

Mike Krenn, Trumpet

Stefan Stefinsky, Saxophone

Werner Hochreiter, Guitar

Thomas Penkler, Drums

Holger Hetschko 1st Bass

Cansu Ozkul 2nd Bass

Meiko Zeppenfeld, Keyboards

Vincent Lewis Music

80689 München




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